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The X360Key was the world’s first announced Xbox 360 USB loader which is being produced by the same group that made the extremely successful line of mod chips for the Wii the WiiKey & DriveKey. Famous for the most popular line of Wii modchips, they dominated the market right up until a device called the WODE came out. The WODE has been an extremely successful product because its basically a hardware hack that allows you to run games from a harddrive, instead of your original disc. Instead of the Wiikey team bringing out the same product, they have been concentrating for over a year on doing the exact same thing for the xbox 360, and here it is!

The X360key install is going to be totally Solderless as well, this is what most people that are handy with taking things apart but have not ventured into soldering before want to hear. You are still going to have to take apart your Xbox 360 console to install the main chip inside which sits between the DVD drive & motherboard in your console and then a cable will run to the outside of the console to connect to the special little OLED remote which is what you use to control the X360Key once installed.

This should not be a problem for most people and really won’t be to much more complex than installing a Wode Jukebox for example, do note that taking the Xbox 360 Slim apart is slightly more of a pain in the bum compared to the old phat models, but if you put aside an afternoon and follow some of the great videos on YouTube on how to disassemble the console you should be fine. We have no doubt the team will also have a very good set of detailed instructions for the x360key installation on their site once it’s been released, so with that in conjunction with YouTube it should have most of you covered. The external OLED remote control that comes with the X360Key is used to control the product once installed, it has a set of three buttons which can be used to navigate the titles on your external media and select which you wish to load.