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PS3 move light gun

PS3 move light gun

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PS3 move light gun, designed and developed according to the PS3 game console, that can enhance the effectiveness of simulation games, you can use while put the PS3 move right hand controller button into the light gun shell material. There’s no effect on the functional of operation and other accessories related to access of PS3 move. good looks, fashionable and fully ergonomic design principles.


1,some product keys with hollow part of the design, have no effect on operation of the controller of the PS3 move and other products related to access. You can use while fix the light gun controller, simple and convenient. 

2、Simulation pistol design, precision targeting, coverage of the keys light gun match with the corresponding keys of the MOVE closely, to use more convenient, realistic and comfortable. Composite structure of the light gun used in the game, facilitate to separation of the controller when the right-hand combat , never worry about removing the controller frequentlyMaking you feel super-shock game effect in use light gun


1.Material: ABS material

2.Weight: 231 g

3. product size: 280 * 61 * 162MM