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Acekard 2i AK2i Multimedia SDHC TF Cart

Acekard 2i AK2i Multimedia SDHC TF Cart

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Acekard 2i for 3DS v2.1 and DSi v1.4.3 has been released

This update support 3DS v2.1 and DSi v1.4.3. Please refer to readme file in the package. Please choose update file according to your console. If you're using DSi or DSXL please use ak2ifw_update_3ds21_DSi143.nds to update.If you're using DSL or DSPhat please useak2ifw_update_3ds21_DSi143_onDSL.nds to update. Just follow the instructions after you run the update file.
Please download it.

Acekard 2i DSi/3DS flashcard Features:

  • 1. Support 3DS, DSi, DS Lite, and DS.
  • 2. Perfect Compatibility. No need to convert, No need to flash.
  • 3. Write save file directly to TF card. No more saving type selections
  • 4. Auto patching DLDI
  • 5. Support Soft-Reset
  • 6. Support microSDHC and microSD card. No maximum file limit
  • 7. Low power consumption. Long playing time
  • 8. Support Multi-languages
  • 9. 4 level brightness adjustment
  • 10. Support reading the text files, listening to the mp3 and watching the movies
  • 11. Support 3in1 expansion cart - Run GBA games via Expand Cart
  • 12. Run homebrew programs without converting
  • 13. Support Download play
  • 14. Support Wi-Fi
  • 15. Support Customize Skin
  • 16. Full touch Screen Operation - Acekard R.P.G. utilizes the idea of the iPhone which gives the customer a totally new control experience