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Acekard 2i 2010 Xmas Package

Acekard 2i 2010 Xmas Package

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The acekard 2i DSi card is the same size as an original cart and you don't have to flash your machine or use a passme in order to use it. Because it can supportS DSi, DS Lite, and DS; never lose the data; perfect compatibility; support Homebrew programs/games; support SDHC MicroSD card; support any brand of microSD card; support multi-language; support skin and Dynamic skin change; perfect UI; directly read TXT files and play MP3 files. Want to know how it handles? Now follow me to its features.

Acekard 2i DSi card Features:

Support 3DS now.
Support DSi, DS Lite, and DS.
Perfect Compatibility. No need to convert, No need to flash.
Write save file directly to TF card. No more saving type selections.
Auto patching DLDI. Run homebrew programs without converting.
Support Soft-Reset. Support Download play. Support Wi-Fi.
Support microSDHC and microSD card. No maximum file limit.
Low power consumption. Long playing time.
Multi-languages. Support Customize Skin.
4 level brightness adjustment.
Support reading the text files, listening to the mp3 and watching the movies.