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3-in-1 Sport Pack for PS3 Move Motion Control Sport Games

3-in-1 Sport Pack for PS3 Move Motion Control Sport Games

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PS3 move triple track making you feel more real in the game

PS3 move triple track suit, including: Shared bar, tennis, baseball, table tennis. Which share the pole for the ABS material Others are PVC.


Simply place the PS3 move controller into the handle grip and connect the game accessories to it, just like golf club, baseball bat, sword and so on, then confirm assembly is in place and securely connected. The handle grip can connect two parts. Please wear a string in use to prevent the handle grip get rid of hand cause accidents.


1. When you Swing the club or bat and so on, please pay attention to the crowd to keep the goods in safe distance to avoid unnecessary damage.

2. Please do not place it in hot areas or throw it into the fire.

3. Please do not use it to chase.

4. Please do not vigorously throwing, smashing or intentionally to make the damage to the goods of bad behavior.

5. For cleaning, please first wipe the goods gently with a damp cloth, then wipe it with dry cloth.