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iEDGE DS is the replacement to the original EDGE DS card. Its structure and packaging is virtually identical to that of the EDGE DS due to the original card being commercially successful. It functions with the Nintendo DSi, DSi XL and DSi LL as well. IEDGE team have released v4 of the iEDGE Bootstrap Updater. This update is compatible with the DSi v1.4.2 firmware. They recommend all users update their iEDGE bootstrap to this version.

iEDGE card Advantage:

  • Support DS, DS Lite, DSi(firmware v1.4.2 / v1.4.1).
  • Support Homebrew NDS ROMS. Auto-DLDI patching works great (3 in 1 ExpPack Tool, DSOrganize 3.2, POWDER 100, Win2DS Fusion, etc).
  • Support Soft Reset. Works with 20/20 games tested. Press A+B+X+Y+L+R to go back to the game list.
  • Fully upgrade-able bootstrap to combat future DSi firmware updates.
  • GUI (OS).
  • 100% Download Play compatibility.
  • Different menu view options.

The game list is where the iEDGE really excels. Only .nds files will be displayed, alphabetically, folders are supported and can be hidden. Pressing the 'X' button (or tapping the "View: " text) will cycle through three display modes. ROM view will display the game's icon next to the game name (from the database) and publisher. File view will display the game's icon next to the file's name and size. List view will just display the file name without any icon. ROM and file view will show 4 games per page, while list view will show 10. 'L' and 'R' will go back and forth by page respectively. Pressing 'A' on the game (or tapping it) will load it, and 'B' (or tapping the top folder icon) will bring you back to the main menu.