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The DSTT is a slot-1 flash cart for use with the Nintendo DS and DS Lite console that allows you to play games, watch movies, listen music and much more. The DSTT is a slot 1 device meaning it fits into the front of your DS console.It comes in two versions the DSTT for Nintendo DS and DS lite consoles and the DSTTi for the Nintendo DSi console. Since the DSTT is SDHC compatible you can use any of the high capacity cards (4GB,8GB etc).

DSTTi supports Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi( XL / LL) console. What's more, DSTTi card supports MicroSD TF card up to 4TB.The DSTTi boasts features such as SDHC support, simple cheats,quick load times, soft reset, saving directly to MicroSD, DLDI auto-patching, GBA support with an optional GBA expansion pak and much more! If you want to buy a flashcard for you DS console, the DSTTi may be the one for you.